Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Up all night sleep all day

This will be a brief update tonight. I'm very tired as to be expected, but I am still  hanging in there. I've been dealing with some rather grueling nausea this week and rather extreme low back pain last night that resulted in contacting the on-call doctor at five this morning. A check of my vitals, a quick physical, and a urine screen dwtermined it was not my kidney, but lower back pain likely caused by a "healing crisis." If the pain continues, they may have tontake me off water and put me on juice or broth. I am praying and willing it away As I don't want to break the fast.

Trying to ensure I keep my water intake up as high as it needs to be. That can sometimes be difficult when you're very tired and/or sleeping a lot! Trying also to get in a little bit of movement each day as well. 


I arrived at True North around 10:30pm Saturday, February 21st. I had my first weigh in and blood pressure measurement the following morning. My first BP measurement was 196/102. I ate their awesomely clean food for five days from Sunday 2/22 until Thursday 2/26. Then I went on juice from Friday 2/27 until Sunday 3/1. I began strictly water on Monday 3/2. Today was day nine  of just water. Stats as of this morning:

Days Fasting: 12 (3 juice/9 water)

Morning BP: 124/84
Afternoon BP: 100/70
Pounds lost: 21.4

That's all I got for now. Have a good evening and thanks for checking in!


  1. Good Grief your blood pressure!!! You were 8 points away from hypertensive crisis when you arrived and now it is totally normalized. I shouldn't be surprised as Furhman states again and again that lowering BP is one of the first good effects of fasting, but it is just so amazing to see the numbers and know you are for real.

    I am so sorry about your pain and nausea. Given the pain that you have lived with I am sure when you say extreme that is exactly what it is. Hoping you pull through without needing to break the fast. I am sure the folks there will guide you to what is best. Rooting for you and praying for you tonight.

    1. Thanks for the support Dawn. I've faced a lot of criticism for my decision to fast, but I really believe it's the best choice for me. I also believe that as long as I continue to eat clean when I leave here and do my DDPYOGA, I will only see my health improve! I'm sharing my journey for those who would like another option. Hopefully, I'll help someone.

  2. The BP continues to amaze me too. To stabilize that in less than a month from arriving is phenomenal! It's a testament to the clean diet and subsequent fasting. You are going to have to shout all this from the mountaintops upon your return. Your story will inspire others; if only they have the courage to take that first step. My admiration for your strength is immeasurable. ♡

    1. The BP stabilization has blown my mind as well especially when considering I was weaning g from BP meds as I was beginning the fast. Pretty amazing stuff.