Monday, August 12, 2013

It's The Small Things

I finally have a video up.  Not incredibly impressive, but at least it's a start!  It's been a ridiculous mess just trying to get this done.  I need to get slightly more computer savvy, but I'm glad I at least have this figured out.  It's the small things.

Today marks day five for the Streak Challenge.  I also continue with my daily plank challenge.  My time was not as good tonight as it was last night.  I only managed to hold the plank 1min 49sec tonight.  I'm also continuing to work on my form.  I know it will get harder to hold the times as I get the form more like it should be.

I start my daily bike rides in the morning.  I should have been training all summer long, but my body had other plans.  Revolt or nay, I have only have eight more weeks until the Jack and Back.  I will not leave my friend Jenny without a pal to ride with.  One way or the other, I'll be on the ride with her... all 110 miles of it.

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